Want to know how to become a travel agent? This plus 3 other great working from home jobs

Working from home jobs: could you be a travel agent?

Working from home might suit your lifestyle or may be a requirement for other reasons such as childcare or mobility.

Below we have selected the Top 4 working from home careers in 2013:

1. Web designer

There are still lots of opportunities in the freelance area of web design – article writing, article research, logo designs, blog set-ups. All can be done from your home. Check out odesk.com to get started.

2. Freelance writer

Similar to above but with more focus on content/article writing. Contact your local news website to get started or try elance.com

 3. Call centre operator

Something different – you take calls in the comfort of you own home. Less flexibility than other working from home jobs. Also consider Virtual Assistant working for local companies.

4. Travel Agent

Typically you will work for an accredited travel agency and plan holidays/vacations for your clients. Great for those interested in travel. For more information on how to become a travel agent go to traveltouristguide.com for advice on careers in travel and tourism.

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Using the best carpet cleaners: tips to get great results

Having the best carpet washer is great but whether you have purchased or hired one there are some “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to getting the best results from your new best carpet cleaner.

Vax carpet cleaner


Below you will find nine top tips the get the best carpet cleaning results.

1. Start by choosing the best carpet cleaner – this site has some great information on the best carpet cleaners: www.bestcarpetcleanerguide.co.uk. Or for further information on carpet cleaning, have a look at this Wikipedia article.

2. Always clean up spillages straight away

3. Vacuum before you start carpet cleaning

4. Don’t try to save money on the solution – buy branded products designed for the machine

5. Test the carpet first for colour fastness

6. Pre-treat heavy stains. Some models like the Vax Rapide Ultra 2 also come with a pre-treatment kit.

7. Start in the corner of the room that is the furthest from the door and then clean the carpet, working towards the door.

8. When you have the cleaner in suction mode keep going until no more water is coming out of the carpet.

9. It is also a good idea to open doors and windows in the room as this will reduce the drying time.

Forget holidays abroad…cheap caravan holidays are back in vogue!

When was the last time you stayed in a caravan? If it’s not since you were a child then you may be surprised to see how far caravan parks have progressed in the recent decades. Today’s caravan parks offer premium facilities amongst luxury caravans so there are plenty of entertainment options for the family. Select the site well and you can have cheap caravan holidays with access to some of the best beaches and finest countryside the UK has to offer. For examples, see whats currently on offer with Park Holidays or Haven.

Luxury caravan holidays


Long gone are the days of cramped caravans with thin walls, today’s static caravans are kitted out like luxury apartments and can often sleep up to 8 people, enough for 2 families. There are usually different standards of caravans available from basic to premium; however, most caravans have features such as fitted kitchens, flat screen TV and DVD players; with plenty of room available for the family on holiday.

Most caravan parks have a wide range of facilities included bars, cafes, entertainment venues and heated indoor or outdoor swimming pools. There is always plenty to do for the relaxing and active family.

The UK has hundreds of caravan parks so you just need to pick your location, research the caravan site and go (have a look at these site for some ideas –http://www.greatcaravanholidays.co.uk). With so many cheap caravan holidays available at some great sites, it’s easy to see why caravan parks are gaining popularity.